Ariston S

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The line of Ariston S inspires with comfort, aesthetics and quality which easily shape an elegant wardrobe of the business lady. The collections are designed for the cosmopolitan lady who has clearly stated her point of view and who has proved to everybody , but mostly to herself, her success. Following the latest fashion trends the brand makes a bridge between the worlds of fashion and perfectionism. The design is simple and magnetic, the materials are exclusive. The garments with the brand Ariston S are the password for good taste, finesse, a flair for contemporary beauty and elegance.


Ariston S is an official agent of the fashion brand for ladies wear Bobo Zander. Bobo Zander gives the feeling of youth,beauty, harmony,modernity, a flair for individuality, a mixture of perfect and extremely stylish look. The woman can choose between elegant sets, beautiful blouses, comfortable trousers and fresh dresses, which are subject more to the comfort, than to the imagination. Feelings of the materials repeat the ones inspired by the colors – from the light and the gossamery, creating the feeling of romance and comfort of body and spirit, to the complex architectural structures and strings.