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Компания Ariston S”

Ariston S company

Ariston S is a company for design and production of high quality ladies’ fashion. It comprise three fashion lines presented as three fashion trademarks – Ariston S, a’s fashion for living и a’smove. It offers its products in more than 40 fashion stores in all over the Bulgaria and also exports its collections abroad.
Аристон Билдинг

Ariston Building

Ariston building, town of Ruse was established in 1994. The scope of activity encompasses construction of industrial, business and residential buildings, as well as family houses in closed type complexes.

During the period 1994 - 2008 the company successfully enjoins the construction market, observing basic attitudes, incorporate din the company’s policy.
Фондация “Аристон С”

Foundation Ariston S

Foundation Ariston S is non-government organization, established for public benefit, with major scope of activity – execution of annual national campaigns for gathering funds in the field of social services, volunteering, health care, the development and recognition of the spiritual values of the civil society and its participation in the public life of the country.
Футболен клуб “Аристон С”

Ariston football club

In 2004 the club reinstates the structures of FC “Lokomotiv” Ruse under the new name of “Ariston”. As of the present moment the representative team of the club plays in northeast “B” football group.

BILLBOARD is one of the biggest national chain of billboards all over the Bulgaria. The fully automated online system of this site helps the users to rent positions, to plan their campaigns, to visualize different designs etc.
Campaign Autumn-Winter 2010-2011: Ariston S a's a'smove
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